…have a SEAT.

Welcome to Davey Cuts. This professional, family-oriented, trendy all-in-one barbershop is unique. When you go to Davey Cuts, you get exceptional customer service, a friendly environment and expert staff who take pride in their work and make sure you have the best client experience. Whether you’re a commuter on the go, a student between classes, parent or child, Davey Cuts takes care of you!


Classic Hair Cuts

Davey Cuts offers and provides the best quality of classic haircut service and styles to all clients. While utilizing the most modern equipment such as clippers, the barbers incorporate the use of classic barber tools such as the scissors and straight edge razors. The application of both classic and modern barber tools help Davey Cuts perform exceptional service to all clients. If you’re looking for the classic style or the trendiest look for any event (corporate, social, family, etc.), let Davey Cuts show you how their versatile skills make others turn heads in your direction!
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Hot Towel Shave

The Hot Towel Shave is an added amenity to enhance the client’s experience at Davey Cuts. This service is offered to clients who, either, wish to have shaped-up facial hair or for those who opt to have a “clean cut” look. The amenity includes with a preliminary facial shave and/or shape-up, hot towel shave and facial massage. Afterwards, the Davey Cuts barbers place the final touches to complete the look. Need the right touches on your beard, goatee or moustache? Or do you want a smooth look? Davey Cuts is the spot to make it happen!
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Master Barbers

Davey Cuts is comprised of five professional barbers from diverse backgrounds and experiences that have one common goal; to provide exceptional customer service without compromise. The barbershop provides a positive experience to all clients with an array of various services they offer. Davey Cuts is a place where traditional barber talents co-exist with new up-to-date, contemporary and trendy styles that cover excellent services to many demographics across the board. Serving the Riverdale, Bronx community, including Manhattan College and College of Mounth Saint Vincent, this barbershop caters to its...
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