Davey Cuts is comprised of five professional barbers from diverse backgrounds and experiences that have one common goal; to provide exceptional customer service without compromise. The barbershop provides a positive experience to all clients with an array of various services they offer. Davey Cuts is a place where traditional barber talents co-exist with new, up-to-date, contemporary and trendy styles that cover excellent services to many demographics across the board.

Serving the Riverdale, Bronx community, including Manhattan College and College of Mounth Saint Vincent, this barbershop caters to its clients from all walks of life and backgrounds. All barbers take their craft very seriously and while the staff is friendly, they maintain professionalism to ensure that the final product of each service offered is completed beyond its best.

Davey Cuts and their staff take pride in operating an organized, high energy, family-oriented barbershop which makes for the best experience each client deserves. The most unique element Davey Cuts has is its ability to maintain relationships with their clients; not only for repeating business but, for continuing the positive experience each time the client returns. It is for these reasons…


Davey Cuts is located in a busy section of Riverdale, Bronx where there is more than… ample transportation available (the MTA #1 Train Subway line, MTA Bus and Westchester Bee-Line Buses) as well as nearby Manhattan College.Β  Check out the site to see Davey Cuts’ fresh styles on past clients and you will want Davey and his staff to hook you up!


Davey Cuts Professional Barbers